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bay to breakers 2010 • san francisco, ca

The crowd was 60,000 strong for the 99th ING Bay to Breakers this year. Party revelers took to the race course decked out in creative, mostly homemade, costumes that would put any Halloween party to shame. It was just as fun photographing the sea of neon colors as it was editing the below photos: it's all about color and fun!

Bay to Breakers costumes ranged from Jersey Shore-themed guidos and guidettes (my New Jersey family would love that) to politically-motivated (ahem, Arizona) to Las Vegas Blvd. club promoters (you know, the ones that annoyingly slap cards in your face as you walk by) and of course the quintessential B2B costume: a total lack of one (this goes for the man dressed as Borat as well!). All ages participated—from the 8-year old playing drums on the corner of Shrader St. to the senior citizens viewing the madness from their wheelchairs streetside. But hey, anything goes. We are in San Francisco now. Until next year...

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the antique arcade of fisherman's wharf ⋅ san francisco, ca

While playing tour guide to my cousin from New Jersey, we stopped along the standard San Francisco tourist spots: Coit Tower, the Ferry Building, Lombard Street and of course—Fisherman's Wharf. We stumbled across the "Musee Mecanique," filled with antique arcade games—from a boisterous, laughing, big-bosomed fortune teller lady to ancient, mechanical diorama-like "games" that all pertained to some type of torture or beheading device. Visit the Mechanical Museum of San Francisco's website to get a taste of the somewhat distasteful arcade oldies.

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