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getting ready ⋅ joanne's wedding ⋅ santa barbara, ca

My dear oldest friend (we're talking 22+ years of friendship) Joanne, was married this past weekend in Santa Barbara. The Getting Ready portion of the wedding was at a family friend's gorgeous house in Montecito.


the rehearsal ⋅ joanne's wedding ⋅ santa barbara, ca

Part of what I love about photography is that it truly documents a specific moment in time. And what better way to encapuslate the feelings and emotions of the day before a wedding, than to be the maid-of-honor, taking part in all the moments that are normally too private to be documented by a photographer. I was honored to help Joanne with her vows during a morning at the beach over mimosas, as well as driving her to the ceremony with a pit stop next to some tractors that again—involved some champagne!