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hudson's 1st birthday party • tiburon, ca

This 1st birthday party was a full on celebration for both young ones and adults. From Thai food and cupcakes; to children of all ages running, jumping and crawling around; to a DJ-jammin' packed dancefloor—every age group was partying. Hudson wasn't too sure about his birthday candle blow-out sing-a-long but he sure did enjoy the cake eating. I especially love that this family actually prefers to take goofy family portraits over standard smiley-faced ones. Happy Birthday Hudson...you are one adorable, dimple-cheeked baby.


baby emmett • pasadena, ca

It doesn't hurt that this baby's mama is a model to make him a natural in front of the camera but that's not the only reason it's so awesomely fun (and easy) to photograph Baby Emmett. It's that porcelain skin, big blue eyes and the most intensely inquisitive stares for a 6-month old. Next photo shoot: Emmett walking...