nicole's getting-ready wedding shots • palm springs, ca

To put down my camera during a wedding is difficult—especially when a bride is getting ready. It's the rare, if only, moment to capture the little details so easily passed by once the wedding starts: the intricacies of a perfectly pressed yet-to-be-worn wedding dress; the every-hair-in-place upswept hairdo with 122 bobby pins intact; and the brief time when the bride, all ready to go, waits in anticipation for those last few minutes before walking down the aisle. For my dear friend Nicole's wedding in Palm Springs last month, my role as a bridesmaid doubled into a voluntary temporary photographer role the couple hours leading up to the creremony to capture all of these special pre-wedding moments. 98-degree weather couldn't keep our spirits down; it actually sparked an amazing last minute photo shoot near the A/C. Plus, it's an easy synergy between photographer and model when they've known one other for 10 years. Congrats Nik & Peter!! 

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lish's belly shots

Lish's baby, Charlotte, just turned nine months so I thought it befitting to show Charlotte nine months in the belly. Thank you Lish (and Jonathan) for sharing a whole lot of your belly—and quite a beautiful one!

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